Fast cars under 15k
The List of Fast Cars under 15k

Fast cars under 15k still have a good popularity in the market. It is understandable because with minimum budget, you will own very fast cars. When you ride one of these cars, you will see that it has the performance of the newest sport car. Because of the demand of the market, the manufactures always upgrade their cars. The sport cars now become very expensive with the younger generation. This makes those who love to ride fast but has minim budget are disappointed. To own the newest sport cars will remain in dream. However, choosing a bit older sport car with cheaper price will be the right choice.

Fast cars under 15k 2018

Ford Mustang that came in 2005-2013 is the most popular fast car with low cost. The body and the engine will impress you because of its price. You can bring one of fast cars under 15k in satisfaction of performance and outlooking. The price of this old Ford Mustang is around $ 14,500. This is not expensive for the car with high speed. The other one that can impress you is Lexus IS 2003-2009. The car has good outlooking and beautiful performance. However, if you choose this car, you have to ready to buy a bit expensive spare parts.

The next car belong to this class is BMW 3-series 2003-2010. This car is one of the best-selling with luxury body and strong engine. However, almost the same with Lexus, the spare parts of this BMW is a bit expensive. Nevertheless, for those who love luxury and sporty coming together, BMW 3-series will be the right choice. The other car that can be one of fast cars under 15k is Acura TL 2004-2010. With V6 engine, this sporty sedan can produce 270 horsepower. Nearly the same with BMW 3-series, this car combines both luxury and sporty look.

The European Volkwagen is also included in this class. That is Volkswagen GTI/ Golf R32. The only problem of this car is its reliability. May be because of low demand market, so we difficult to find this car. Nonetheless, this car is worthy to get into the list of sport cars. The next is Honda Civic 2006-2011. This car produces 200 horsepower with manual 6-speed transmission. however, Honda does not provide automatic transmission for this car, but many reviewers say that Civic gains the best safety for sporty cars. While preparing your budget, please make the right choice from the list of fast cars under 15k.

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