Future Fastest Affordable Cars
The Future Fastest Affordable Cars

Fastest affordable cars have been a main concern for automotive and industries manufactures. They have realized that a demand for faster and sporty car is always increasing, yet the budget for that hot properties are limited. Therefore, big automotive industries compete to release a fast car with a low price for the consumer. Although the costumers can own these fast cars with minimum budget, the industries can also provide a high technology engine and stylish design for the users. So, in this post, some fast and affordable cars will be reviewed to give references for those who looking for a low price vehicle.

Some Interesting Fastest Affordable Cars

Fastest affordable cars are the main concern for Nissan, an automotive factory from Japan. As its main hero, Nissan released Nissan 370z to grab market attention of wild cheap cars. Being improved by 7 speed acceleration, Nissan 370z must show its highest performance. Its 350 horsepower make it is impossible to reach 60 km/h in less than 50 seconds. The other interesting features that are offered by Nissan are the power window and system navigation in the car. It also supports dynamic audio to maximize users’ enjoyment in their car. For those who adore sporty car and love listening to music, you can pay $29,990 to buy this car.

Fastest affordable cars design is also focus point for some people. That is why Volkswagen released its Volkswagen GTI SE as the superior product. Although speed and affordable price is the main thing to get the consumer’s attention, its old style exterior design is also maintained. Its other additional point makes it different from the other car. A well-built interior design can be seen from the touch screen audio setting and the use of leather as the cover of the seats. For the main speed, you can rely on its 220 HP and 6 manual speed transmission. It is not too much to spend $29,980 for this fast car.

The last choice for your future rapid car with affordable price is Honda Accord Coupe EX-L. It is hard not to fall in love with this type of urban transportation. Honda always has a special way in producing their special car includes this one. This magnificent car can reach maximum speed to 6400 RPM. It is also supported by six manual speed transmissions. Honda also installed rear view camera in the car. A Bluetooth and streaming radio are also other technologies applied. Its price is only $23,990 that makes it as one favorite of fastest affordable cars.

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