Best used trucks under 10000
Strong and Sporty Best Used Trucks under 10000

Best used trucks under 10000 are the smart choice for those who love adventure. Beside it has both single and double cabin for the passenger, the trucks also has outbox than can be used to put your stuff. Come to this millennium, pickup trucks still attract the market. Moreover, with a low cost you can have best used trucks already. There are some manufactures that can be chosen. But why the pickup can attract the market consistently? The answer is that beside it has good outlooking, the small truck can also be very useful for families. The following is some variants of best used truck with low cost.

Best used trucks under 10000 Canada

2008 Ford-150 can be the best choice from one of best used trucks under 10000. Even though this car belongs to the cheap variant, but we do not need to doubt of its power. Bringing 4.2 liter V6 engine, Ford-150 can produce 202 horsepower. The regular one is available in five-speed manual transmission. But Ford provides also the other variant with automatic transmission. Furthermore, you do not have to worry that this car will consume a lot of fuel. This Ford is the strong truck with minimum consumption of fuel.

The other mid-size truck that belongs to this family is 2011 Dodge Dakota. With only a low cost, you can get luxury interior. This one of best used trucks under 10000 has wider cabin inside. Behind the front seat, there are seats that can bring three or even four passengers. It has good air conditioning and audio for its feature. While for the exterior, Dogde Dakota bring 16-inch steel wheels to the road. This mid-size truck also has a good engine to support the performance. 3.7 liter V6 engine is able to kick out 210 horsepower. This six-speed manual transmission truck is also very friendly with the usage of fuel.

The last but not least car that amazes the truck fans is 2007 Toyota Tundra. These old school trucks from Toyota have the same model with the last generation of 2015. So, you don’t need to be worry about the fashion if you choose this car. This truck is only available in five-speed automatic transmission. But with V6 engine 4.0-liter this Toyota can produce 236-horsepower. You will have also a luxury interior with audio, comfort seats, and good air conditioning. Now, if you have budget under $ 10,000 you can choose one of best used trucks under 10000.

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