Sports Cars Under 20k with Modern Design
Sports Cars Under 20k Recommendations

Finding a great car in more affordable price is not a dream now since you can choose some great Sports Cars under 20k but in used or second hand condition. Although being a kind of popular transportation means that used by most people in this world, the rice of car is not cheap enough to buy by everyone especially for those Sports Cars which are commonly costs expensively by the manufacturer since of great styling and also mechanical specification. But, if you still want to have a great sport car product but being limited of limit budget that you have, do not worry since you can get some great Sports Cars in cheap price through buying the used condition one and here are some list that can be considered to choose by you.

Sports Cars Under 20k with Modern Design

Let’s begin the list through some modern used Sports Cars that you can choose. They are called as modern since being created after the year of 2000. The first modern affordable sport car in used condition that you can choose is a great product from BMW named as M3 series that was for the 2002 model edition. On its release date, this car becomes one of the most favored Sports Cars and even now being collected by some sport car lovers. A great thing that is owned by this great car is on its great V6 engine that capable in generating 333HP of maximum power and you can find this car now in around $ 17,900 in pricing.

2002 Corvette Z206 can also be another option for you on this class since of some great things that are owned by this car. Starting from styling, this great sport car has great sporty style through aggressive look outside. Another great thing that is also owned by this car in on its mechanical specification that is able to deliver maximum power up to 385 horsepower. There are some other benefits of this great sport car such as great handling, sound, and also cheap cost in maintenance and repair of this car. The price of this car is estimated slightly lower than 20k now.

Another sport car product that is now able to be purchased by you in affordable price comes from Mitsubishi’s car is on its Lancer Evolution for 2005 model edition. This car became one of the iconic sport car products at that time since being known commonly as a great sport car for some race event. As for styling, the car in which is now able to be gotten by you around $19,990 offers simple but sporty look outside. But, what makes it special is on its mechanical specification under its hood. As for the engine, this car keeps a turbo engine under its hood for boosting more than 300 horsepower of maximum power.

Pontiac also offers something special to choose by those who want to find a great used sport car below 20k. On this price range, you are able to choose a great product from Pontiac named as Pontiac GTO series for 2006 model. As for styling, this car does not have any distinguish compared to Lancer Evolution by Mitsubishi for 2005 model through simple style even much simpler than that of Lancer Evolution by Mitsubishi. However, special thing that offered by the car which sold under 20k is a 6.0 liter V8 engine under its hood.

The last great candidate for 2011 model is a great product from Nissan named as 370z series for 2011 model. This car may become the more modern car product that you can find in affordable price in the market. As for styling, this car has much better on exterior styling compared to the competitors above through modern and sporty style outside with rich of sharp angels. The car in which is able to find by you around $17,995 also offers great engine under its hood that is through its great V6 engine.

Sports Cars Under 20k with Retro Design

Beside some of those modern Sports Cars that you can get in affordable price, in the price range of under 20k, you are also able to find some retro sport car products actually in used condition. They are called as retro cars since being announced before entering the The year of 2000. Let’s get started the list through a great product of sport car from Nissan named as Nissan 300 ZX turbo series for the 1996 year model. This car offers you great styling outside through aggressive look but surprisingly looks modern for a car in 90;s model, engine side of this car is also equipped with a great mechanical specification. As reported, this car offers you a 3.0 liter V6 engine that is able to deliver up to 300 horsepower of maximum power under the hood of this great car> in addition, this car is able to be found by you around $8000.

Good Sports Cars Under 20k

Besides Nissan, you can also a great retro sport car product as the price under 20k through a great product from Mitsubishi named as 3000GT VR-4 series for the 1991. In this time, this car is able to be found by you on some for sale dealership around slightly below 10k. Although much cheap, it offers some great things for you starting from its great style outside that will make you get amazed on. In addition, this car also being equipped a great enginery under its hood that is able to generate more than 300HP of maximum power for this car.

The last retro sport car that can also be found by you below 20k on the market is a great sport car product from Porsche named as Porsche 928S series for 1987 year model. Although was created far from now on, this car surprisingly offers you great exterior styling with modern and aggressive look outside. Moreover, another special thing that is offered by this retro sport car is on its 5.0 liter V8 engine. As for the price, it is now available in under 10k. So, those are some list of recommended Sports Cars under 20k from any generation that you can choose.

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