Fast cars under 5k
The Recommendation for Fast Cars under 5k

Fast cars under 5k may sound like something crazy and impossible to look for. It is actually not because those kind of cars are exist. For all of you which maybe a student or an employee who only has such a low budget but really desire a fast car. Now you do not have to dreaming anymore, let’s just make your dream comes alive because you will be surprised on how many fast cars you can find in this article in such a low budget. Now just take a look!

Best Fast Cars under 5k

Now, the first recommendation of the fast cars under 5k you might like is Mitsubishi 3000GT. This car is designed with a nineties look and is powered by V6 engine with 3.0 L capacity that reach 280bhp. This car is equipped with the system of electronic-variable exhaust, active aerodynamics and traction control. The next car is B6 Audi S4. The engine of this car is using V-6 with 2.7 L capacity that in 5.6 sec can reach 62mph until 155mph. the car has such a great exterior design which is supported with shiny cover for side mirror. You can purchase this amazing car for $5000.

Another best fast cars under 5k you should look for is Volvo S60 R. This car is powered by inline- 5 engine with 2.5 L capacities for 300bhp and in 5.5 sec this car can reach 62mph until 155mph. You just need to pay $4500 to own this fast car. The next fast car is Honda Insight. This car has a great exterior which is built from aluminum to avoid rusty body. The engine of this car is powered by seventies horsepower and five speed transmission. You can purchase this car by paying for affordably $4,000.

Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk5 may also interest you when looking for a cheap fast car. By paying for $5,000, you can own this car that is powered by 4-engine with 2.0 L capacity for 197bhp that can reach 62- 150mph in 6.5 seconds. This car is also supported with dual clutch gearbox. Another recommendation is Lexus IS300. This car has such an elegant and classy look. Lexus IS300 is powered by 6- cylinder with 3.0 L capacity for 211bhp that can reach until 144mph. The interior design of this car is featured with leather elegant seats. You only need to pay $5,000 to purchase this car. Now you realize how possible it is to own fast cars under 5k.

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