One of Fast Cheap Cars
Grab Toyota GT 86 as One of Fast Cheap Cars

Fast cheap cars become an important need for people who live in urban areas. A fast car is needed to transport the passenger promptly from one place to another in a very crowded city. As the lifestyle of urban citizens, an affordable price also one significant consideration in deciding which car they want to buy. Under that circumstance, Toyota as the biggest brand in automotive industries and manufacturers released this amazing car in 2012. Passing through 3 years, this fast car still becomes the best car, with affordable price in its class.

How Toyota GT 86 Becomes One of Fast Cheap Cars

Fast cheap cars do not always rely on their speed and cheap price. A high specification of the car is also a special magnet for the customers. Toyota GT 86 has been installed by a modern engine to boost its performance on the road. Its maximum speed can reach 233 km/h. That is why this car is one of the recommended fast cars. The most important thing is its powerful performance that is supported by 4 stroke engine technology. People who love skinny and slim car will also love its weightless body. Those all feature will give you a pleasing driving experience.

Fast cheap cars will also give you another additional feature that will show its newest trend amongst automotive lovers. For the example, Toyota GT 86 provides you a stylish antenna that its shape looks like a shark fin. Its main headlights are also matched with high intensity discharge technology. In the lighting section, this great car is improved by LED type lights that can be running during the daytime. As a car that represents modernity and high technology, a dusk sensor also added as the special feature. Its sporty wheels also strengthen the impression of cool car. What a wonderful exterior design in a car with affordable price.

Not only high specification and the classy exterior design, this car also have a five-star interior design that will give you an enjoyment inside your car. Like the other sedan car models, Toyota GT 86 provides seating for four passengers that are realized in 2 + 2 seating configuration. The color of the interior mostly black which will give the impression of elegance and luxury. The feature that deserves more attention is touch screen navigation that will be very useful for the driver in the urban city. You have to pay $29,900 in order to own Toyota GT 86, one favorite of fast cheap cars.

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