Best car under 20000
New List of Best Car Under 20000

Best car under 20000 is categorized as the average car lineup that is exists in today’s automotive industry. Basically, it is hard to determine which car are the best. Everyone and every company are having their own viewpoint in determining a car’s quality. However, to make you easier in comparing one car and the other car with the price below 20000, some of the objective review will help you pretty much. The first car that might attract you is coming from Honda. Have you check the price of Honda Fit 2015? With 20k dollars, you can get a great second car, but why you get the second if you can buy the new one? Honda Fit could be a great choice.

Best car under 20000 Canada

The engine of Honda Fit is belonging to an average capacity. It only gives you 1.5 liter of engine that can release 130 horsepower. Then, for the amount of torque of this best car under 20000, you will get 114 pond feet of torque. To make you have high efficient fuel consumption, Honda gives a cool MPG results. With a gallon of fuel, you can drive the 2015 Honda fit up to 41 miles in highway. As usual, Honda is still the king of making a powerful engine with efficient fuel consumption. Hatchback design which is carried by Honda Fit really gives sporty sensation to the whole design of this car.

One thing that is unique from this best car under 20000, it is located on the transmission system which is adapted to the car. You can even make the transmission system as you wish. It contains the optional continuously variable transmission system. Rooms of passengers are still wide although it looks so tiny from outside. The cargo space at its rear area is also works well to carry much stuff. If you want to get the EX-L trim version of Honda Fit, you need to gain $19,925. However, if you want the standard one, you will only need $15,650 of budget allocation.

Although you are choosing affordable car product, it does not mean that you can forget some other luxurious car producer such as Nissan and Mazda. Both of brands are also concern in making affordable cars with impressive features. From Nissan you can select Nissan Frontier and from Mazda you can choose Mazda 3. Nissan comes with 2.5 liter engine with its four cylinders. Then Mazda can be driven with its 2.0 liter engine only. But you must not be worry; Mazda also has the other type of engine that has 2.5 liter engine also. As professional car manufacturer, we can say that Honda, Nissan and Mazda are proper in creating cars which is belonging to best car under 20000.

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