Slowest car in the world
Lists of Slowest Car in the World

Slowest car in the world is a very interesting topic which is very rare to be discussed in the automotive industry. Most of people that are concern on automotive are tending to be focused on all new cars, the modern cars and even some concept cars that will be released by the company. The presence of some high speed car will also give all of the people impressive attraction especially about the engine, exterior and also the price of the car. So, how about the slow car? It can be attractive and fun if we are discussing some of these products.

Slowest Car in the World Were Made For Specific Purpose

There is a reason why the slowest car in the world is created. As you know, the slow cars are not surely made to be slow. Most of them are made to fulfill special function or special need. Most of the slow cars are made to fulfill specific purpose. However, it is better for you to know the whole brand and specification of the car that are having a very slow engine instead. Although the cars are so slow, it does not mean that the vehicle is useless. To make all the purposes of this car creation clear, we should talk more about.

For some people who are addicted to automotive industry, they will surely interest with the presence of slowest car in the world. It is more interesting and unique than just paying attention for a high speed car. It can be said that collecting slowest car is pretty much easier than collecting the high speed car. Amazingly, the car manufacturer that product slow car are also exists. They are not just hunting about the money and profits. They are also thinking about the people’s need. That is why they are creating high speed car lineup, meanwhile the slow car lineup are also made.

  1. 2018 Nissan Versa Note SR

From the entire car manufacturer that are fulfilling slowest car in the world lineup, you must be surprised if you found that one of the nominee is coming from Nissan. As you know, Nissan is well known car manufacturers that carry incredible engine and power. It makes Nissan is very famous as the super speed car manufacturer. Their creation of SUV and some city cars are also not doubted. Well, one of the Nissan products that have a very low speed is Nissan Versa Note SR. When you look at the design, it is pretty cool, sleek and dynamic.

The exterior design does not guarantee that the engine is powerful. It is still unknown why Nissan place a small engine there. The engine is able to reach 60 mph for about 10.3 seconds. Well, this is a surprising result because it will take a pretty long time especially when you want to go somewhere soon. However, it will be an advantage for some people that do not like to drive too fast. This slowest car in the world is exists by the presence of its 109 horsepower of strength. With its roomy interior, the car will be sold for about $17,930 of MRSP price.

  1. 2018 Mitsubishi I-Miev

Nissan does not one and only world class car manufacturer that has slowest car in the world. The other car manufacturer, Mitsubishi is also delivering their unique product to the market. This car is called as i-Miev. It is such a car that has an incredible design. He exterior represents the appearance of future car. However, you cannot bring the car too fast because it only has 13.4 sec to reach 60 mph form steady still position. The maximum power which can be released by this small sized car is around 66 horsepower. The $33,000 of pricing makes this electric car is very affordable.

  1. Daimler Smart CDI

After Mitsubishi becomes the candidate of slowest car in the world, there is another electric car which is slower that the vehicle which is made by Mitsubishi. This car is called as Daimler Smart CDI. This car is having 2 seats only that is very enough for 2 passenger. The rear wheel drive system is producing 61 horsepower of strength. To bring this car to 60 mph of speed, you will need 19.5 seconds of time. The seat is really comfortable for the passengers so that you can enjoy its slow speed appropriately. If you are one of the electric car fans, you can prepare $9.150 to buy this vehicle.

  1. 2016 Hindustan Ambassador 1.5

To bring back the classic sensation of the car, it is not such a mistake to choose a classic design of car from Hindustan. Hindustan Ambassador 1.5 does not concern on making the high specification car during the debut of the company. As the car manufacturer, this company wants to produce a slowest car in the world. It happens because the car is used for special activity that requires no high speed at all. The design is really amazing; however it will only reach 28 seconds to bring the car into 30 mph of speed. It is possible because the engine is using 1.5 liter size with diesel based engine that produce 52 horsepower.

  1. Renault Twizy

Some of the people are having high willing to hunt a car not because it has high speed or high style. They want something unique, something interesting and also something which is different than the others. It can be seen from the product which is even produced by Renault. This is a small sized car which has a very incredible design and appearance. Every pair of eyes will start the car when it is passing on the road. Sadly, this car is not able to run in high speed. As one of the slowest car in the world, it will only produce less than 60 mph of maximum speed.

Renault produces Twizy with a lot of advantages such as the sporty design, the transparent roof and also many grip support. It is such a concept car that makes all the people are curious about the car run. Although this $10,000 car is having slow engine, there is one more car which is slower namely Peel P50. It is a car which is made by Peel engineering that can afford 1 adult and a single shopping bag. With just 3.35 horsepower of strength and slow engine, it will never reach 60 mph of speed. It does not have a reverse gear and carry a very light weight. This $16,000 car is one of the most well-known slowest cars in the world.

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