Best car under 30000
High Performance of the Best Car under 30000

Best car under 30000 are now containing many type of car from various manufacturer. You can freely choose between the SUV cars, sedan, compact cars, trucks and also some variant of family cars. Purchasing a car is not a simple thing to do. There will be many aspects to consider. The most fundamental factor that must be thought well is about the type and the function of the car. Once you get the right type and its function, you can start considering the brand and how much it will be. In the middle of the crowded automotive industry, actually you will not need to be confused because there are so many choices are available.

Best car under 30000 Canada

Although the options of best car under 30000 are served widely, we have to be wise in decide a car that is acceptable to be bought. Subaru seems to be the great producer to choose. This car maker is not only well known in the making of high speed and racing car. Subaru is also concerning in delivering various type of car including the car under 30k dollars price. If you want to know about the newest version of Subaru that is offered under 30000, you can take a look at Subaru WRX. This vehicle will complete the Subaru WRX series; however, the date of the launch will be announced soon in the 2016.

Just like all the Subaru cars, this version of ERX is carrying all-wheel drive system that will increase the car power. With the price under 30k dollar, this car is really considered as a cheap car. Other functions that might you interested with the car are the presence of its four cylinder engine instead. It gives a better proof that Subaru WRX belongs one of the best car under 30000. The whole combination of its engine specs are able to produce up to 260 horsepower. To achieve the maximum power of the car, you will need to operate its size speed transmission properly.

As the other previous version, Subaru WRX is still comfortable with its manual transmission system. However, if you like to feel the sensation of automatic, you can wait for the continuously variable automatic transmission version as well. With the new engine, 2016 Subaru WRX will be able to reach 144 Mph as its top speed. Then for the time that is needed to reach 60 Mph from its zero position, the car will need 5.0 seconds only.  Talking about its fuel economy, you can test and realize that the car is having 21 MPG in the city and 28 MPG as it on the highway roads. With all of these specifications, it is very acceptable to say that all new Subaru WRX is one of the best car under 30000.

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