Best car under 10000
Choosing Used Best Car under 10000

Best car under 10000 is a list that makes everybody interested. In the middle of huge production of new cars, the old cars are still good to be used. Eventually, not all of them are in a proper condition to be driven. The right trick of choosing and selecting the used car will be the main key of having great satisfactory. People want to cut off their budget in every occasion, including in their moment of buying cars. It is so hard to find a new car with the price under 10000 dollars. The way to get car with that price is to buy the used car as a solution.

Best car under 10000 Dollars in Canada

An affordable car will never drain your budget allocation. The price is very rational so that it never disappoints you. Even the condition of a second car is not as good as new car; you can still fix it to be a comfortable vehicle. Here are some of best car under 10000 that will make you interesting. Let’s say that Ford Escape is the first car to think. Series of Ford Escape that will be sold under 10k is the vehicle which made in the range of 2001 to 2007. Again, the car condition will influence the whole price which is offered by the owner.

As one of the best car under 10000, this Ford Escape is completed by V6 engine type. At the first time of this car launch, these engine versions become the hottest engine that was offered. With this powerful engine, the car is able to carry large amount of weight. It is good to be your daily partner especially if you are living in the country areas. Moreover, it is still proper to be driven in the rural area as the daily vehicle. Since this car is produced in the year of 2000s, the exterior and interior appearance is still acceptable.

If you are the buyer of used car who like to use compact car type, you can also look at the 2001-2005 Honda Civic. This car is actual belong to a sedan sport car. All the mechanical system that is carried is made simply. It has a great gas mileage, good reliability and an awesome engine features. You can choose between base level versions (DX) or its better version which is branded as EX models. The presence of some additional features like anti-lock brakes, timing belt and so on can give you a better consideration to bring home Honda Civic as the best car under 10000.

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