Best sport cars under 50k
Best Sport Cars under 50k Candidates

Best sport cars under 50k are attracting the automotive users who want to press their money in getting a high performance car. Sport car is a car type which is loved by almost everyone. Its appearance, interior until its amazing speed gives valuable factors that makes this car is bundled in high price. Talking about the sport car that is under 50000 prices means talks about the middle version of sport cars that are available in the automotive industry. There are so many candidates that can be discussed. However, here some of the summary about the affordable car with sport type that is only cost under 50k.

Best sport cars under 50k 2018

In the top rank of the best sport cars under 50k lineups, you will see the Chevrolet Camaro. As you know, since its debut on the movies and some of attractive commercials, this car is started to be famous. Beside its muscled design which is so masculine, the car is also offering a powerful engine under its stylish hood. The muscular engine is capable to reach about 323 horsepower. This V6 engine is also completed by some supportive element that can increase the car’s performance. Other variants will carry V8 engine and costs $40,000 to $50,000 exclude the shipping payment from Chevrolet manufacturer.

Next candidate of best sport cars under 50k that is ready to be compared is Ford Mustang. This vehicle carries V6 engine as its base type. The maximum power of the engine is only 300 horsepower. It is less powerful than the Chevy Camaro as well. Somehow, Ford put the EcoBoost engine with 4 cylinders as a plus point for their Mustang. Of course the presence of this feature will reduce the fuel usage during the driving session of Ford Mustang. Alternatively, you can choose its V8 version with 435 hp as the choice, and it will costs only $33,000 include the shipping.

Although these two cars are available to be chosen, it is also not prohibited to give you offer in using the Mazda MX Miata. This is a car that is only has $25,000 to $35,000 price. The features are pretty complete. However, if you compare its engine with the previous two cars, this car cannot beat them up. It happens because the engine is only reveals 167 horsepower. Advantages of this Mazda sport car are located on its rear wheel drive layout and its best weight distribution for the wheels. It gives stable driving sensation and makes the car as one of the best sport cars under 50k.

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