Best New Cars Under 25000 Choices
Best New Cars Under 25000 Choices

Although can be categorized into cheap price, you are still able to find some performance cars as in the best new cars under 25000. The better market of automobile product is well considered by some manufacturer to create more variant models to be offered. More than just those with expensive price, some manufacturer also makes more variant cars to be purchased at the more affordable price such as under 25000. On this rice, you are not able to find some ordinary car products only, but, in this price range, there are also some great car products that you can choose with great performance and here are some recommended performance car that can be purchased by you not more than $25000.

Best New Cars Under 25000 For Compact Car Class

The first recommended car on this price range comes from compact car class through Italian manufacturer, Fiat on its new 2018 Fiat 500 Abarth. This car may not show you a identity of a phigh performance car since it has classic rounded style as for the exterior styling of this car. But, since being the performance variant of 500 series, this car has engine performance in which is able to generate more than 160 HP as being owned by the standard variant. The great performance of this car is gotten through some tuning on some performance parts. As for the price, this great car is able to be gotten by you in $22,395.

Another great compact car that is able to be found by you on this price range comes from an iconic compact car manufacturer, Mini through its Mini Cooper S edition. As the same with Fiat 500 abarth series, Mini also offers classic and retro style for its exterior styling. But, do not be tricked by its appearance in classic and mini size since under its hood this car is give something big. This car uses a twin turbo engine under its hood for generating up to 189 horsepower and accelerating from zero to 60mph in around 6.4 seconds! This great mini but mighty car is offered in around $24,750.

Volkswagen also takes part on this class through their great product in performance compact car named as Volkswagen Golf GTI. As for styling this cae offers minimalist style on the exterior side of this car. But, the sporty nuance is able to be found by you as for the sporty style of its rims. Talking about engine performance, this car is equipped with a 2.0 liter turbocharged engine that is able to generate maximum power up to 210 horsepower. For the price, this great Golf GTI series is able to be purchased by you around $24,785.

Best new cars under 25000 for 2018

American manufacturer, Ford, also plays in this contest through the sport variant of their popular compact hatchback, Focus named as Ford Focus ST. As for styling, this car has improvement in style compared to the standard variant that makes it looks much sportier through application of some sporty body kit. Besides styling, sporty feel of this great car is also gotten through its great engine in which is reported to be given a turbocharged inline-four engine in which is able to deliver maximum power around 252 horsepower. This car is offered around $24,370 by manufacturer.

Besides Focus series, another series that is also being created into performance variant also comes from the subcompact car named as Fiesta series through Ford Fiesta ST. this car becomes the top trim level of Fiesta series. There is no significant difference between the standard variant to this sporty series as for styling. But, as for engine, this car is equipped with the most powerful engine compared to all variant through 1.6 liter Ecoboost engine for developing around 197 HP. This car is sold around $21,400.

Hyundai seems to be the only Asian contestant that plays in the competition of compact performance car through its new Hyundai Veloster Turbo. The exterior side of this car offers great sporty styling through the application of great sporty body kit on its bodywork. Engine side of this compact car is also amazing that is through a turbocharged engine that is able to developing around 201 horsepower of maximum power. This car is surprisingly being offered in very affordable price that is around $22,600.

Best New Cars Under 25000 Of Sport Car

Move to something bigger, this price range also offers some great powerful performance in sport sedan car and one of them is able to be found by you through the new Honda Civic Si. This car becomes the highest trim level of Honda’s popular compact sedan car named as Honda Civic. This car looks so powerful outside as for the application of great sporty body kit. Under its hood, this car is boosted through a great VTEC four cylinder engine that is able to accelerate from zero to 60 mph in 7 seconds. This car comes with $22,890 in price.

Another powerful sedan car is able to be found through Ford’s product named as Ford Mustang series. This car becomes one of the most iconic products in sport sedan car. The iconic predicate comes from its styling with muscled style on bodywork that makes it looks amazing as a great powerful sport sedan car. As for mechanical, this car offers 3.6 liter V6 engine for generating up to 300 horsepower and will be updated into 2.3 liter Ecoboost engine for the next 2016 edition. As for pricing, this car is able to be gotten by you in around $23,800.

The last great sport sedan car with powerful performance is able to be found by you through a Chevrolet product named as Camaro series. As the same with Ford Mustang, this sport sedan car is also being created with muscled style of bodywork that makes it looks amazing outside. The base variant of this car is offered with great engine specification through 3.6 liter V6 engine that is able to generate around 323 horsepower. That surprisingly also able to reach mileage 30mpg in combined. As for the price the base trim of this car is offered around $23,705. So, those are some list of powerful best new cars under 25000 that you can get in dealerships.

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