Best car under 25000
Best Car under 25000 with V6 Engines

Best car under 25000 become the hottest topic around this year. Since the latest high end market of cars are predicted to be down, the low end cars are gaining their best-selling. It is possible because with an average budget, the consumers are already got a good engine car with amazing features instead. In other words we can say, why buy an expensive car if with cheap car you can get more? It is a fact that the entire car manufacturer are competing to sell an affordable cars. So what are they? Here is some recommended car that you can choose to be your own.

Best car under 25000 Canada

Have you ever imagine about driving newest Chevrolet Camaro? If you say yes, it can be the great time to realize that. Somehow, you must be patient to drive the latest version. With the budget under 25k, you can select the Chevrolet Camaro Coupe which is made in 2013. This car has $23,345 of price in almost all of the Chevrolet official market. Amazingly, you can find V6 engine under its hood. The engine can reach up to 323 horsepower. This engine capacity will let you reach 60 MPH only in 6.4 seconds. Of course it means that this car is still capable to beat other best car under 25000 which are born recently.

Chevrolet Camaro is also giving more comfortable support on their cars. It is proven by the presence of revised suspension system. The new suspension which is exists on this best car under 25000 can increase the car handling and of course improve its stability. Beside the car from Chevy, you can also consider the car from Ford as a candidate. The car is Ford Mustang V6 that sold around $22,200. This is a sporty sedan that comes with its V6 engine also. The amazing gas mileage will surely surprise you. Based on the user experience and its official test result, the engine may produce 19 mpg city and 29 mpg highway.

Additional features like EPAS or electronic power assist steering is also added. This feature of the car is letting you to steer automatically adjusted by the speed of the car. The basic function of this feature is to keep the consisted gas and press the fuel consumption of the car. With this comfortable sport car, you will be able to travel much without any tired at all. The new and redesigned LED rear lamps can be other attractive corners for the customers. Supported by a great exterior design and interior finish makes this Ford Mustang V6 sitting on the top rank of best car under 25000.

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