Best car under 15000
Affordable Best Car Under 15000

Best car under 15000 can be a solution for you who do not want to spend too much money in buying cars. People who want to select used car list are really want to safe their budget. The idea to get a good car without spending much money can be realized only if you have some car choices. Well, here are the lists that can be the consideration of choosing a car with only under 15k dollar budget. The car which is mentioned here are not only comes from a single car type. You can even find SUV, compact car, and so on.

Best car under 15000 Canada 2018

Toyota RAV4 will start the lineup that is pretty considerable. This vehicle price is not as low, but also not as high as its new price. The offered prices are ranging from $11,000 to $15,000. The most Interesting part from RAV4 is the ability of getting high fuel economy on its driving. It own 21 miles per gallons of city drive and 27 miles per gallon of highway driving. People who love rough ways and high comfortable car will love this best car under 15000 pretty much. This car is also become the kind of used SUV that is still on the top rank of used car selling.

Bunch of safety features are added and already proven to increase the secure system for the passengers. Somehow, the engine is also trusted as the powerful machine among the other midsized SUV that are available widely on the secondary car market. Under the hood of this best car under 15000 you can discover an engine with 269 horsepower. It has V6 type and fulfilled by 4 cylinders engine type. The transmission type which is available is only automatic. However, for you who want to select between front wheel and all-wheel drive, both version of them are served by the Toyota at its first launch.

Toyota is a well-known brand with its well-known service and support, but if you do not feel like this brand, you can select Honda Ridgeline which is made in 2008. This car has around $13,900 of price. The engine is almost the same with RAV4, it carry V6 engine with 247 horsepower of its maximum capacity. You can get a sense of luck when you own this car because this version is the one and only full sized pick up car which was made by Honda. With its affordable price and amazing engine capacity, this Ridgeline can be another best car under 15000.

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