2018 Cars Under 15000
Several Types of 2018 Cars Under 15000

2018 cars under 15000 become the most wanted family city cars. These cars offer comfortable interior with high specification of engine. Furthermore, the appearances are attractive with modern design. The high specification of engine will accelerate the car function.

Furthermore, this will lead to fuel efficiency that can be solution for city car which is usually stuck in traffic jam for many hours. This can also generate high performance speed. Based on many choices of these car categories, this article will explain three cars with the best specification.

2018 Cars Under 15000 Near Me

Chevrolet spark is one of 2018 cars under 15000 made by Chevrolet. Some people say this car is very suitable for urban areas with risky jammed road. It is happened due to small size of this car. This car has four-cylinder engine with capacity of 1200 cc. It can generate maximum power of 84 HP. The optimum torque reaches 108 nm at 4800 rpm spinning machine.

Type of engine used is S-Tech II DOHC with PDA. Transmission system used is the automatic five speed levels which has different speed for each level. The system is able to increase your comfort when using this car. Unfortunately, the existing suspension system on this car is not stable when the road is less smooth.

Mitsubishi Mirage

The next 2018 cars under 15000 is Mitsubishi Mirage which has huge market segment. Mitsubishi Mirage as hatchback small car offers several types of GLX, GLS and Exceed. You will be able to choose the option of transmission system.

Automotive enthusiasts will like the performance of the engine carried by Mitsubishi Mirage because the engine capacity of 1193 cc with 3-cylinder MIVEC technology 3A92. This 1.2 liter engine is highly efficient in fuel consumption and fairly powerful engine. Ramp will be easily passed by engine torque of 100 Nm at 4000 rpm. This can generate maximum power of 75 HP.

For the latest version, Toyota appears to reconstruct Toyota Yaris specification into sporty and modern car. The new version is also longer and wider than the previous version. There is a line on its front body kit that shapes isosceles trapezoid design. It makes this car more attractive and beautiful. Car that can accommodate a maximum of 5 people also has dark glass feature on its interior which will make the passenger more comfortable.

Toyota Yaris

It has automatic transmission system using Super CVT-I which is equipped with the Shift Lock. It is also equipped with engine capacity of 1197cc with pinning machine type of 3NR-FE equipped with 4-cylinder. It also has 16 Valve with DOHC technology of Dual VVT-I, which can generate maximum power at 6,000 rpm and peak torque of 107.8 Nm at 4,000 rpm. This will be your choice of 2018 cars under 15000.

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